GEDA MAXI 120/150 S Rope hoist

GEDA hoist

We offer reliable GEDA electric hoists designed for a variety of uses on the construction site. These devices are particularly useful wherever there is no room for conventional hoists or cranes, as well as performing work that does not require the use of equipment with higher efficiency. Thanks to their compact and extremely robust design, GEDA MAXI provides fast and inexpensive vertical transport when performing work at heights. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details.

GEDA MAXI 120 S and 150 S

We recommend 2 models of GEDA hoists: MAXI 120 S and MAXI 150 S. The first of them is the most popular variant able to develop high speed even with a lifting capacity of 120 kg. The motor is mounted at the bottom of the scaffolding, which accelerates the start-up of the device. The unit has built-in protection against overload, as well as the development of loose rope. The GEDA 150 S has a higher lifting capacity as it can transport goods up to 150 kg. Both models have a low weight, which makes them easy to install and use. Purchase of GEDA hoists is an excellent investment that allows you to save time and reduce the cost of any construction work. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with other solutions available on our website, such as mobile platforms, transport platforms, construction elevators or rubbish chutes. If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide further clarification.

Why GEDA is the best choice?

Our company has been cooperating with this German manufacturer for a long time. Their products are characterized by high quality as well as reliability – which is appreciated on construction sites throughout Europe. GEDA hoists are a great means of vertical transport for installers of scaffolding, facade or insulation. The 120 S and 150 S models of the MAXI series vary in lifting force and lifting speed, making it easier to adapt them to the needs of specific works. The potential of both variants can be increased by purchasing additional accessories such as bucket slings, mortar silo or plate holder. More information about them can be found in the manufacturer’s catalog, which we encourage you to review.

Load capacity120 kg150 kg
Lifting speed60 m/min45 m/min
Rope length51 m or 81 m51 m or 81 m
Lifting heightup to 70 mup to 70 m
Power supply1,35 kW / 230 V
50 Hz / 16 A
1,35 kW / 230 V
50 Hz / 16 A

Irreplaceable construction equipment – GEDA hoist

Both the GEDA Maxi 120 S and 150 S hoists have been carefully designed to meet the demands of professionals. They can be used both inside and outside buildings, making them versatile tools. Thanks to a simple control panel and intuitive functions, these devices are easy to use even for people without previous experience. Optionally, you can also use additional accessories such as various platforms or baskets to further tailor the GEDA hoists to your individual needs.