UDT Approval

We offer a full service in the field of technical supervision of machinery and equipment, starting from the reporting a new device for testing, through the completion of documentation, preparation of the device, and ending at the acceptance. We keep documentation of the equipment serviced by us and create new maintenance books. We have all the permissions required by the Office of Technical Inspection. Please note that any service, repair or modification of the device may only be performed by authorized persons and after each modification the device must be re-submitted for technical inspection.

UDT Training

Workplace safety is a key aspect that needs to be taken into account in any industry. Appropriate knowledge and qualifications regarding technical safety are essential for workers, engineers and others responsible for compliance with standards and norms at work. As experienced specialists with the qualifications required by the Office of Technical Inspection, we offer comprehensive training that allows you to improve your qualifications in this area. We encourage you to take a look at the STC offer!

What does the UDT training include?

First of all, their program is designed to meet the requirements of a given company. Therefore, depending on the company, they look and run slightly differently. UDT training can be targeted at industries such as construction, energy, transport or chemical industry. Importantly, they cover both theoretical and practical issues. Thanks to this, participants have the opportunity to acquire not only comprehensive knowledge, but also valuable skills necessary to perform their tasks in a safe and compliant manner.

Preparation for the UDT exam

The UDT exam is one of the key steps in the process of obtaining qualifications related to technical safety. It confirms having the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a specific area of activity. Before taking it, it is recommended to attend dedicated training course. Importantly, not only regulations and standards are discussed, as participants are also involved in practical exercises and simulations related to technical safety. Trust experienced specialists from STC and arrange UDT training course in your company today!