Professional scaffolding installation

As specialists in the field of scaffolding installation, we offer our customers comprehensive services related to the safe, compliant installation of all standing and suspended scaffolding, which are indispensable equipment of any construction site. Our team consists of specialists who have both the necessary knowledge of health and safety rules, as well as the experience in this field of work. In addition, we provide attractive prices and transport of all the materials to the indicated location.

Suspended Working Platforms — renting

We cooperate with individual clients as well as companies, offering rental of suspended platforms necessary for carrying out renovation works at a height. We will help you choose and adapt to your needs a platform or scaffolding with different configurations and we will perform its assembly in the indicated place. Don’t worry – we have all the necessary tools at our disposal, which is why we execute all orders efficiently and without unnecessary downtime.

Trust the scaffolding and suspended platform specialists – STC

Are you looking for specialists for working at heights? Cooperate with STC. We focus on consulting, sales, service and assembly, as well as training for work carried out at height. In our offer you will find a wide selection of machines, scaffolding, tools and equipment designed to perform required tasks. We cooperate with many well-known manufacturers, such as GEDA or ALTRAD-Mostostal. Contact us and tell us what can we do for You.

Installation of scaffolding, industrial elevators, transport platforms or suspended and mast working platforms

Proper and professional installation of industrial elevators, scaffolding, suspended platforms or transport platforms is of great importance not only for the efficiency of work on various construction sites or for the trouble-free use of these machines. Above all, it depends on the safe use of them, and therefore on the compliance of the manager of a given facility with applicable standards and legal regulations. Therefore, the services of specialists in installation of such structures, who have the necessary rights, knowledge and experience, remain indispensable, that is why at STC we provide professional assistance in the field of installation of scaffolding, suspended platforms or various hoists.

Personnel and Material Hoists, transport platforms, suspended platforms — rental

As specialists in the industry, we offer not only sale and installation of suspended platforms, construction hoists or transport platforms. We also provide professional services in the field of preparing the machine for use for people who decide to rent it. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee the safety of all our customers, regardless of their expectations regarding the offered equipment. Pricing of rental services with assembly of scaffolding, suspended platforms or hoists is prepared individually. If You are interested, please contact us.

Order us to install scaffolding at the indicated location!

At STC, we understand that reliable scaffolding installation is extremely important for safety and efficiency while working at heights. Therefore, our experienced team of specialists guarantees that every commission is executed with the utmost care and in accordance with safety standards. We use high-quality components as well as state-of-the-art technologies to ensure stability, strength and durability of our scaffolding. We always analyse the specifics of the project, taking into account parameters of the building, height of the works and available spaces. Thanks to this, we can provide optimal solutions that will allow effective and efficient work at height.

Robust, reliable suspended platforms

Suspended platforms are one of the solutions we offer as part of our installation services. These advanced constructions provide access to hard-to-reach areas, allowing comfortable and safe work at heights. Our projects are precisely matched to the specific requirements and nature of the assignment, thanks to which they meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Contact us today to receive professional solutions tailored to your project.