ROTAX Plus modular scaffolding

An integral part of almost every construction site is scaffolding, allowing easy construction and repair work even at significant height. Such structures should provide workers with access to the construction site regardless of its shape, as well as be robust enough to guarantee safety. The ROTAX Plus scaffolding, which is an example of modular scaffolding, meets all these requirements. Brace and bolt connections with racks in such designs are arranged at regular intervals to form modules, that give various configuration possibilities.

ALTRAD Mostostal modular scaffolding — ROTAX Plus

The modular scaffolding ROTAX Plus is a product of the esteemed manufacturer Altrad Mostostal, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The specific design allows for trouble-free use in locations of various shapes or sizes, even unusual ones. It also enables expansion of the scaffolding in any direction. Our company therefore supplies ROTAX Plus constructions, which stand out for their versatility and ease of installation. We invite you to take a look at our offer!

Universal scaffolding ALTRAD Mostostal

Do you need robust structures for special applications that provide comfort, versatility and safety on the construction site? The best choice will be a proven solution – scaffolding from ALTRAD Mostostal, i.e. ROTAX Plus. They make it possible to carry out construction and repair work easily even at high altitudes. Whether you are working on new construction, renovation or maintenance, ALTRAD Mostostal scaffolding will provide you with reliable support. Contact us to learn the details of this solution.