Rental of construction lifts, hoists and scaffolding

Rental of crane and construction equipment is a service in which the Client of our company can rent equipment such as suspended working platforms, transport platforms, industrial elevators, rope hoists, material hoists, rubbish chutes or scaffolding for a specified time period. In addition to the rental, we also provide technical support and servicing of the equipment.

Benefits of using our rental services

The rental of industrial elevators, scaffolding, mobile platforms or other similar equipment may be cost-efficient for different groups of Customers, including:

Construction and renovation companies: These companies often need proper equipment for the duration of their task, and renting allows them to avoid the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the equipment.

Manufacturing companies: These companies need crane equipment to transport raw materials and end products.

Individual Customers: Renting hoist equipment is preferred for individual Customers who are moving or renovating their home as they need it only for a short duration.

Rental of hoist equipment allows you to avoid costs related to the purchase, repair, service and maintenance and allows flexibility in adjusting the quantity and type of equipment to the needs of the Customer.

STC: rental of scaffolding, platforms and other construction equipment

We offer a rental of scaffolding, working platforms and rubbish chutes on attractive terms. We supply only the best and well-kept equipment, which is regularly subjected to technical inspections, servicing and cleaning. We approach every rental valuation individually, so please contact us by phone or send us an inquiry through an e-mail – we will answer all your questions and provide you with all the necessary information.

Rental of industrial elevators and more

We have an extensive offer of proven equipment, which allows us to precisely adjust to expectations. We offer, among the other things, a rental of industrial elevators with various parameters:

  • GEDA MULTILIFT P12 — is available in three load variants – up to 1000, 1200 and 1500 kg. Cabins have different dimensions, so they can be adapted to the type of tools or materials being transported. Lifting height up to 150 m;
  • GEDA MULTILIFT P22 — lifting capacity up to 2000 kg (maximum 22 people), lifting height up to 200 m,
  • GEDA BL 2000 — lifting capacity up to 2000 kg, lifting height up to 250 m. It is possible to double the capacity if two modules are combined;
  • GEDA PH 2737 — lifting capacity 2700 kg, lifting height up to 400 m. It is possible to double the capacity when two cabins are combined.

Thanks to how diverse the parameters of individual models in our offer are, you can precisely choose the construction elevator that meets the criteria related to the height of the building and the dimensions of transported loads.

Rental of rubbish chutes

Construction, renovation and demolition work involves generating large amounts of construction waste, including rubble. However, in order not to pollute the lower floors and the area around the construction site, appropriate chutes should be used, in accordance with the regulations. We offer a rental of the 1.1 m long GEDA Rubbish Chute Comfort – its modular design makes it possible to connect any number of chutes to create a tunnel of the desired length and thus safely remove debris from higher floors directly into the container.

Rental of rope hoists

Electric construction winches are used for lifting heavy goods, also of large dimensions. We offer rental of three different models:

  • GEDA MAXI 120/150 S — lifting capacity 120 kg or 150 kg, lifting speed 60 m/min or 45 m/min, rope length 51 m or 81 m, lifting height up to 70 m,
  • GEDA STAR 250 — lifting capacity 250 kg, lifting speed 28 m/min, rope length 25 m or 50 m, lifting height up to 50 m,
  • GEDA AB 650 M — lifting capacity 650 kg or 1300 kg, lifting speed 8 m/min or 4 m/min, lifting height up to 200 m or up to 100 m.

GEDA MAXI and GEDA AB 650 M are available in two variants, please contact us by phone or send us an inquiry through e-mail and we will answer all your questions.

Rental of suspended working platforms

Our company offers two types of working platforms for rent:

  • GEDA MCP 750/1500 — lifting capacity 750 kg, platform length 5.6 m, lifting height up to 100 m,
  • GEDA AB 450/650 — lifting capacity 300 kg, length 2 m, lifting height up to 300 m.

We invite you to contact us for more information not only about the valuation of the service, but also about our recommended solutions for renting industrial elevators, rubbish chutes, working platforms or rope hoists.