GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chutes

GEDA COMFORT chute is one of the best solutions for transporting rubble, that is available on the market. The chute is made of durable materials with a wide hopper adapted to the universal widths of wheelbarrows. The manual winch ensures safe installation and disassembly of the rubbish chute. The basket is also equipped with dust protection, a system of special suspensions for all types of windows and roofs, as well as chute inserts made of thick metal sheets. GEDA COMFORT rubbish chutes will certainly improve work on any construction site.

Why should You choose GEDA COMFORT rubbish chutes?

Rubbish chutes are bucket systems designed to facilitate the transport of waste during various types of construction and renovation works. Indispensable for works at heights, where the removal of various residues may involve risks to the health or even life of workers. GEDA COMFORT rubbish chutes are distinguished by the fact that, thanks to additional reinforcements, they are also suitable for use in unfavourable conditions. They allow dust-free operation on several floors. We encourage you to contact us if you wish to order this product!

Length1,1 m
Wall thickness6 mm + 3 mm anti-wear ribs
Weight12 kg


Transporting bulk materials and debris on construction sites may seem like a challenge, but with the right equipment it should not be a major problem. GEDA COMFORT chutes are solid and durable bucket systems that speed up and thus facilitate many construction works. We offer a GEDA COMFORT chute with a length of one segment of 1.1 m and a weight of 12 kg. It is a strong bucket with thick wall and anti-wear ribs. Its design makes the bucket resistant to heavy loads, and at the same time guarantees a stable debris transport, but not only. Using such a chute, large quantities of materials can be moved without the need for heavy machinery or additional equipment.

Rubble chutes with strong construction

Our proposed rubble chutes are products that ensure fast and at the same time safe transport and dumping of materials. GEDA COMFORT in combination with the sealing flanges is a dust-free system, which means that no dust. That is harmful to our health is raised during the removal of debris. GEDA chutes are flexible, easy to install and can also be adjusted to the height of the building, making them versatile and practical.

Bucket systems for renovation work

GEDA COMFORT chutes are mainly used on construction sites. They are used to dump debris, but also to move different kinds of materials – especially loose ones. They have good reinforcements, which provide excellent protection against overload or damage. Our proposed rubbish chutes are compact, so they can easily be transported by van.