Rope hoists

Construction winch

Electric construction winches are used for lifting heavy goods of large dimensions. They are most commonly used in construction, but can also be used for relocation. Electric winch consists of a long, durable rope, with which it raises a given material to the required height. It can be used to transport large barrels, containers, bale containers after felling trees, etc. Such winches are essential equipment that will work in many different industries – especially for professional use. Electric models are controlled with a control cassette, making them easy to use.

Construction Elevator Special Purpose hoist

On the construction site, special elevators are required to facilitate the handling of various types of goods and large machinery. Construction winches can be a practical, yet universal idea. Made of the best quality materials, they do not take up much space and are also trouble-free in control. Due to the fact that such devices have to withstand a very high load, they should be distinguished by excellent strength. You will find such models in our offer.

Reliable construction winch

Do you need an efficient machine for lifting and transporting heavy materials on the construction site? An electric winch is a solution that will certainly facilitate many tasks. Regardless of whether your employees are responsible for erecting a new apartment block or modernizing an existing building, construction winch will accurately and safely lift heavy objects to a given height. Thanks to its functionality, it is an invaluable device for any professional in the construction or industrial sector. If you are interested, we invite you to know the details of renting our machines!

Why should You rent an electric winch?

A solid electric winch is one of the most frequently rented machines we have. Renting is a reasonable and cost-effective solution due to:

  • cost-efficiency — thanks to our services you do not have to commit financial resources for the purchase, repair, review or maintenance of the device,
  • durability — we try to keep our equipment in excellent technical condition, so you can be sure that it will not disappoint you even in difficult working conditions,
  • flexibility and availability — regardless of the work you carry out, we ensure that we have machines that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

If you are interested, we encourage you to contact us — experienced specialists of STC will help you choose the right equipment adapted to the specifics of the project. We will promptly respond to your inquiry, providing you with competitive prices, flexible rental terms and timely delivery of the equipment to your location. Call us soon to see how the construction winch will speed up the pace of work!